Thursday, July 10, 2014

6 Months and Next Steps...Parent Side

Charlie is 6 months old, hard to believe! He is almost crawling, has a few teeth coming in and is such a joy. We are so grateful to have him and every day is an adventure.

After we all agreed to do as sibling journey and we have spoken with our agency we also quickly reached out to our fertility center and decided we would work with them again. I had a phone conference with our physician and wanted to know what his recommendations were. I was a bit surprised that he did recommend that we try our frozen embryos before beginning a fresh cycle with G. For 2 main reasons. The first being the embryos are frozen in time, and they will be over a year in a half younger than my hubby and I are now, which makes sense. The second and the most important reason is that the frozen batch resulted in a healthy, live birth already. Of course, you always run the risk of it not working, but it seems like it makes sense to try them first. Fingers crossed, it could very well work! He stated that it was our decision on what we would like to do, but when I asked him if he were in our shoes would he try this first, he said yes. J and I agreed and we were on board. Therefore, the next steps are for everyone to enjoy the next few months, and in late October or November we will thaw all 3 remaining embryos and see which ones survive the thaw and go from there with the transfer.  Although J and I know what to anticipate more this time and there are less 'unknowns' in some ways the stakes are higher. We have seen what G has gone through in the past, realize her commitment along with ours and have now seen firsthand what a precious gift we have been given. The fact that she is willing to do this again, just blows us away. We are beyond lucky. We look forward to the coming months and will continue to complete the lengthy paperwork, screenings and legal paperwork that comes alongside surrogacy. What a journey, we can't wait.

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