Thursday, September 25, 2014

Time just ticks away... Surrogate Side

The time has come again!  The time to suck it up like a big girl and get ready to prepare my body to cater to a growing little human.  Because the time has ticked away and we are approaching the end of my 8-9 month recovery period from giving birth to Charlie in January, the clinic has called to set things up for our new cycle. 

There were a couple quirks; one being when I called one time back in August, the nurse asked me when my last period was.  I answered that it started yesterday.  Out of nowhere, the nurse kinda gets into a panic and says that she'll have to send out the meds STAT so I can begin them right away.  I was thoroughly confused.  I let her get through her entire spiel before asking if she knew that we weren't planning to transfer until October.  Although I knew we weren't doing anything until October, I was a little freaked out! But, we got everything cleared up and I was told to call on the first day of my next period.

In preparation of our upcoming transfer, meds were mailed to my home. My protocol this time around consists of estrogen pills (twice daily) and an estrogen patch that gets changed every 3 days. If my body reacts correctly to the estrogen and my uterus gets fluffy enough (they check this with a fun internal ultrasound), I start progesterone injections a few days before the transfer. 

Fast forward to early September...

I called the clinic with my first day. The nurse proceeds to give me some instructions and says she'll call me back because she needs to work out the details. A few minutes later, she calls me back with our potential transfer date; September 29th! Yikes! RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! So much for October, huh?? Close enough, I guess. LOL! 

I have my monitoring appointment tomorrow, 9/26/14. At this appointment, I will have some labs drawn to check my hormone levels and have the internal ultrasound to check my lining. We need it to be super fluffy!

Since we will be transferring the remaining embryos that K&J had frozen from our last journey, things are little more laid back this time around. The timetable is a bit more relaxed in comparison to the rigid schedule last time around where we had to sychronize K and my cycles and time it perfectly. This time I didn't have to suppress my ovaries to prevent my own ovulation by using Lupron (the little needle shot into my belly). Woohoo! One less needle!

So, we're hoping my uterus cooperates so we can move forward with the transfer on Monday. K will be flying out for the transfer to be with me (can't wait to see her)! Charlie will be hanging back at home with J since he's been battling the ever-so-lovely ear infections... 

Fingers crossed for a good turnout! I just cannot wait to start the intramuscular injections into my backside... Can you feel my enthusiasm??! 


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