Friday, September 26, 2014

It's ON... Surrogate Side

My monitoring appointment was this morning at 10am.  As I waited to be seen, I thought to myself, "I cannot believe the time has come once again".  You may think that I am crazy to be doing this again, let alone so soon, but I am SOO ready.  I am just as excited - if not more so than last time - to do this again.  I have so much invested in my IPs and their new little family that I cannot wait to be a part in helping them achieve another little bundle of their own; to give a sibling to Charlie!  

As I await my turn to be called back, I looked around the waiting room to see other couples waiting to be seen.  I wondered if there were any other surrogates in there, but since there were couples, I figured they were there for themselves.  It made me think of all the people out there, not only couples, who struggle with infertility; all coming from different walks of life.  There are so many situations out there and so many broken hearts.  I was fortunate to be able to conceive on our own.  I am also fortunate to be able to be a part of another journey to bring another joy to such a wonderful family.

Okay, okay.  On to the good stuff...  I had my labs drawn (this lady was GOOD, too) and was sent on to my ultrasound.  I was informed by the technician that a resident doctor would be in to observe the procedure.  I said okay and was ready to go.  The ultrasound technician was no stranger to maneuvering the "weenie wand".  She shoved that thing in there with a vengeance.  I was, at times, squirming around the table from the pressure.  When she was done, she said that she was going to hand over the wand to the resident doctor (who I thought was just observing the ultrasound).  What?!

Do I have a statement written on my forehead that appears any time I enter a medical facility that says, "Hey, pick me! Pick me!  I'd LOVE to be your guinea pig"??!  
Seriously, I've done my fair share!!  

Anyway, I allowed her to check things out.  After some time of just laying there and hearing them whisper amongst themselves and seeing the resident shake her head and begin to get frustrated, I interjected and asked if everything was okay.  (At this point, I still hadn't been told how things looked and whether or not my uterus had failed or succeeded.)  The resident explained that she was learning and that she couldn't locate my ovaries.  I decided to clue her in that maybe she should shove the wand a little further since it basically felt that it wasn't in very far at all.  She followed my "suggestion" and pushed a bit further and voila;  she found the goods.  

After they used and abused me, I felt I deserved to know the outcome so I asked for the results of the thickness of my endometrial lining.  She obliged and told me I measured 12mm.  Umm, what?! 12mm!  My uterus is a rock star!  I walked out of the clinic with my head held high and nipping at the bit to text K my results.  

K and I waited (and waited and waited) until I was called by the clinic to let us know if we were good to go for the transfer on Monday.  I received the call around 3:30pm and they said my labs and ultrasound were great and we had the green light for our transfer!  They gave me my next steps as far as my meds, too.  I began progesterone in oil (PIO) injections tonight as well as began taking the antibiotics due to the assisted hatching to the embryos.  

I have to say, I totally rocked the PIO injection tonight.  Only a slight hesitation before taking the plunge...  I'm a pro.  Let's do this! 


  1. Hello! I spent ALL of my free time reading your blog yesterday. It moved me so much. I am in the very beginning stages of being a surrogate just getting started with my agency. I hope I get half as lucky as you when I match with my IP's. LOVE LOVE LOVED your first story. I cannot wait to hear an update on your sibling journy!

    1. I'm so glad you've enjoyed it! K and I really love sharing our story. Best of luck to you with your journey! Keep me posted on how it progresses! Let me just tell you, when you're matched with your IPs, you'll know when the perfect match comes along. Follow your instincts!

    2. I definitly will! Thank you =]