Monday, May 4, 2015

Let it grow... Surrogate Side

Folks! The time has come where we just let the little HIPster grow on its own!  NO MORE MEDS!  WooHOO!  My body sends its undying thanks!

K met up with me this past Tuesday to attend our nuchal-translucency scan (otherwise known as a sequential screening).  This scan requires specific measurements of the baby's spinal fluid. Baby looked more like a baby this time and not so much like a blob; LOL!  It was nice to see the baby moving all around.  We've got another little jumping bean on our hands!!  It's a running joke about Charlie always being on the move and I constantly kid that I called this when he was in the womb!

Following the ultrasound, I was directed to the lab to have my blood drawn.  I won't even get into that.  Let's just say I don't have much luck and I didn't get the "Lead Lab Attendant" this time around.  Both arms for 1 tiny tube...

Anyway, not only were we able to see the little mover at the ultrasound, but we also had an appointment directly following with my OB.  At that time, Dr. G greeted K and congratulated her on this new journey and joked that she didn't wait long and based that on the fact that I am getting old and reaching "advanced maternal age".  Ha. Ha...  Always a joker that Dr. G!

We talked about the logistics of the duration of the pregnancy and listened to the heartbeat; 169 bpm.  We will be discharged to our other OB (closer to our delivering hospital with a NICU) around 35 weeks.  All of our regular appointments have been scheduled; including the big ultrasound for the anatomy scan!!  That bad boy is June 24th.  K&J have until then to decide if they want to find out the gender or let it be a big surprise at the end!!!  May I suggest... LET IT BE A SURPRISE!  Ha ha!

But, let's be honest.  I think it is very clear that K has her heart set on dresses and bows.

And, since I'm pretty confident (LOL) that this baby is a boy, there is a greater likelihood that it is, in fact, a girl since I have been wrong EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. before.  Could this be the one time I am right??

Image result for mystery gender

As for how things are progressing for me:
  • I still feel like crap, but not as much like crap as before...
  • My porn star boobies have officially returned.
  • I am tired.
  • Sleep and peeing have been good.
  • My belly is beginning to grow, but it's in that awkward stage where it's not obviously a baby belly and could easily be confused with a muffin top.
So, there's that.  Until next time!

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