Tuesday, April 14, 2015

First OB appointment... Surrogate Side

Sorry for the lapse in blog posts!  There really hasn't been a good excuse except for the fact that I, quite honestly, have felt like crap these last few weeks.

I had my first "OB" appointment yesterday with my real doctor and not my monitoring clinic.  Everything went really well.  K was unable to attend due to prior commitments, but was available via phone for questions -- thank goodness!  I had to complete some lengthy paperwork that is always a bit confusing when the baby you are carrying is not genetically linked to you...  Most of the information requested was about anomalies that could be inherited genetically.  So, K got a call so I could accurately complete the forms.

When I was called back for my appointment, it was like a crazy train of people congratulating me and wondering if this baby was for the same set of parents.  They were all so excited.  I let them know that this baby is a sibling for Charlie and they got all mushy.

During the appointment, we talked more about the logistics of the pregnancy and how things will play out.  I assured them that everything will remain as it was last time around.  I was also lucky enough to have a pelvic exam to complete the initial pregnancy testing for everything under the sun.

We were able to hear baby's heartbeat!!  At 10 weeks along, the heartbeat was 172; busy little bee in there!  She was only able to find the heartbeat that one time because HIPster is already a mover; just like it's brother was...

After the appointment, I was sent along my merry way to have my lab work drawn.  As most of you know, I don't usually have the greatest luck with getting my blood drawn.  This time around, I had the "Lead Lab Attendant" and, obviously, I had some high hopes.  I got lucky; this guy was good.  During the time he was draining my veins to fill the 7 vials of blood, he asked me if this was my first.  I chuckled and said, "No; this is my fourth."  He looked a little stunned and asked how old they all are.  I shared that my own two children are 4 and 5 years old and Charlie was 15 months.  He then said, since I was pretty much an expert when it came to this that I probably already knew that I also had to leave a urine sample.  I knew, but I also had to just leave a sample about 30 minutes ago for my doctor!  I gave it my best effort.

So, apart from still feeling like shit, things are going really well.  Baby is healthy and growing and we await our next appointment.  We have the nuchal-translucency scan in two weeks!  K will be joining!!

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