Saturday, March 28, 2015

Ultrasound..IP Side

The time had finally (almost) come. We were counting down the days for the first ultrasound to determine if we saw a heartbeat, if things looked okay so far and if there was 1 baby or 2. The night before I was headed to meet G, J and I both started feeling like we were coming down with the stomach virus that was going around. Much to my dismay I was unable to make the 3-4 hour drive to meet G for the ultrasound as I was just feeling pretty crappy. I was so disappointed but knew that G would update us as soon as she could! As the time grew near we kept staring at my cell phone and like magic this sweet picture phone appeared with the following phrase.
One baby! Heartbeat 130. 7w1day and due 11/10/15.

This was amazing news! We couldn't believe it. G and I agreed it both felt "real." During the course of this cycle, things on my end didn't look great. My response to the medications was poor, my ovarian reserve was worse than before and overall my poorest cycle yet in terms of stimulation response. At one point the nurse even said to me, if things do not improve Dr. B may consider canceling this cycle. I didn't tell G this because I didn't want to worry her, and I kept telling the nurse, I know I can do this, please have Dr. B give me a few more days. So here we are, another miracle. This process really is crazy, only words of advice I can give is to enjoy the ride . I know without a doubt that if wasn't for G we wouldn't have been the proudest parents in the world to Charlie and soon to be parents to the "HIP." We aren't out of the woods yet, around 8 weeks now but staying positive.

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