Wednesday, October 28, 2015

38 week sibling update... Surrogate Side

Date:  October 28, 2015

How Many Weeks:  38 weeks

Total Weight Gain: 22 lbs - I haven't gained weight in over a month!  Baby is certainly growing, though... o_O

Baby Size:  Pumpkin - Ha! Pretty fitting as Saturday is Halloween!

What is going on with this baby:

  • Baby may have about an inch or so of hair already.
  • Baby's slowly shedding that white goo on its skin (called vernix caseosa), but you might see some of it at birth.
Maternity Clothes:  I'm running out of clothes.  Well, comfy clothes at least.  I've reached the point where very few things fit well enough to wear for an entire day.  Most things fit just fine in the morning, but by mid-day I am secretly trying to devise a plan to remove my pants and not have anyone notice.  Tops just barely reach the bottom of my belly and if I move or raise an arm it's all over.

Sleep:  So, I THOUGHT I figured out my dog's snoring problem, but it only worked for a short time.  Some nights are better than others.  At least I'm not having to get out of the bed too many times a night to pee. Actually, there are nights I don't have to get of bed at all. However, those tend to be the ones where I am already wide awake because of my snoring dog... 

I'm tossing and turning a lot and I can feel the baby slide from one side to the next. Kinda weird, but nothing I haven't experienced before. This time, however, I can't lay on my back for long periods of time (not that I'm supposed to anyway) because the baby ends up hurting me. I guess by the way it's positioned?? 

By the way, just last night, this baby tried escaping through my belly button. No lie. It was somewhat relative to what you would see in a horror movie. 

Movement:  I really cannot offer an accurate enough description as to how much (and how powerfully) this baby moves. I mean... Well, there are no words. Really. Lol!

Symptoms:  Sore. That pretty much sums it up. Again, mid to late afternoon seems to be when it intensifies the most. There is some pressure in my cervix and it feels like the girly parts have been in a boxing match at times. My boobs have kept quiet most of this pregnancy, but have begun to show their ugly face again lately. Can't really complain there since this discomfort won't even compare slightly to what will be coming down the pike...

Food Cravings/Aversions: Did I mention that I had the cake?! Yep. I did! And now, I don't want it anymore. I think? 

I'm looking forward to: these final couple of weeks! I'm really hoping that we have this baby early for K&J (and not at all because I want it to come early for myself)! wink, wink


37 Weeks:

38 Weeks:

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