Friday, June 14, 2013

Oh, happy day... Surrogate Side

After 12+ long weeks of faithfully following medication protocols and taking required hormone supplements, I have made it to the end -- today is my LAST day of medications!!  Woo freaking Hoo!!!  Just last night I was thinking to myself, "tomorrow is it..."  No more patches, no more pills, no more PIO needle fills!  Ahh...  Maybe now I will return to my normal self??  Then again, what is normal ?  Hmm.

That said, this also marks a pretty substantial milestone in this pregnancy -- the end of our first trimester!  That, in itself, is a reason worth dancing for!  I think I may just do that...  The ladies at work will love this one!  (wink,wink)

Oh, happy day!!!  And now on to the bigger and better things relating to pregnancy -- a growing belly, fluttering, kicks and wiggles, gender reveal (for K&J at least - we're keeping it a secret from me!), baby names!  And, bring on the belly pics!!!  Here's one to start it off (besides the bloating pic from week 6, of course).

12 week baby belly!


  1. Huge milestone and CELEBRATION!

    And I'm sorry...did you say gender reveal???

    K, you need to post that valuable information on the blog! I promise you...G won't look. :)

    Cute belly!

  2. Your belly is so cute and so tiny! :)