Friday, June 28, 2013

Visit to Carrier and NT Scan.........IP Side

Happy Summer! 

Things have been a little busy with starting a new job and the hubby being extra busy at work as well, but things are going great! Last week I was able to travel to New England and meet our carrier for our NT scan and meet the OB on June 21. Our carrier met me near the hospital and we followed each other to the hospital where we gave each other a big hug and we were excited to start the day! I was quickly introduced to the medical staff at the doctor’s office and I could immediately tell that they adored our carrier, which anyone who has spent 5 minutes with her would tell you she is the sweetest.

I met one of the nurses who did a quick internal exam (our carrier had a little issue a few days prior, but no biggie, all was well). She also checked the baby’s heartbeat with the fetal Doppler and I got teary eyed (okay maybe I cried a little, what can I say). It was amazing to hear! I also met the OB, whom I loved and she spent as much time with us as we needed. This appointment was a little different, because I wasn't the 'patient' this time, but no less exciting. Our ALWAYS carrier does a fantastic job of always making us feel included. Even though she has has obviously been pregnant before, she really makes us feel like this is our pregnancy too,and that is fun to experience and watch.

My hubby and I did decide that we wanted to deliver at a larger hospital about 40 minutes away, in the rare chance we needed a NICU, so we will be transferring to another OB a little later in the pregnancy, which is a little sad because I really liked this OB, but hopefully she understood our feelings as well. We had an opportunity to eat lunch together after and catch up on our families and all of our summer adventures. After this with a VERY full bladder we moved to the next appointment where we had our ultrasound. The staff at the hospital were so accommodating and helpful. It was extra work for everyone to have a few meetings in one day and we really appreciated it. The little gummy bear (or should I say Swedish Fish, since that is the size the doctor said the baby was at the time) was moving all over the place, but we were able to get some good views and the tech told us that everything looked great! BEST NEWS EVER! We are still waiting to hear if the blood work was okay, but hopefully it should be just fine. The next OB appointment will be in a few weeks, and then August 7 will be the next BIG ultrasound. Since it’s summer things seem to be moving along a little more quickly, and I am so happy I was able to see our carrier in person, she looks adorable!
Now, on to the pictures.I think it looks like me!

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