Tuesday, July 23, 2013

If nothing else... Surrogate Side

Well, it's been another long couple of weeks.  If nothing else, this pregnancy sure does keep us on our toes!

So, I think this baby just doesn't like country music.  I went to see Jason Aldean and Miranda Lambert (who really sucked live, but that's a whole other story for a whole other time, wink wink) on Friday, July 12th at Fenway Park in Boston - WooHoo!!  My hubby and I had a really nice time -- ate dinner (quickly, since we were, of course, running late) at a cute Mexican place, Qdoba.  The pulled pork quesadilla is amazing if you're interested and have one near you.  From there, we made our way to the concert where we people watched - a lot - and, oh yeah, listened to music while I bounced in my seat.

It was a long night and I surely played the pregnant card to get out of driving back home; "oh my, that was so much fun.  I am just SOO sleepy now, hunny........"

The next morning, the kiddies were up bright and early and I decided that I would take them out to breakfast since I was already heading out to bring the babysitter home (she's awesome and stayed the night), so I thought I'd surprise them.  We had a nice breakfast and did some shopping before heading home.

And this is where it gets CRAZY!

When I pulled into my driveway, I felt a gush.  A GUSH!?!  I took a look and saw that it was blood - it went through my pants and onto the seat.  I felt like I was about to puke from my nerves.  My children were still in their carseats, so I had to pull it together and remain calm.  The only thing I could do at that moment was text my hubby since he was working that day.  My text to him:  "I'm bleeding".  I stuff some napkins down there (I know, probably TMI, but hey, at this point, if you're reading this blog, you realize that I don't hide much) and get the kids out of the car and set them up with an independent activity. 

While in the bathroom to clean up, I call my husband.  He understood my alarm and wanted to help (I could hear it in his voice), but simply said, "I can't talk right now.  I'll call you back."  With his line of work, that means he's not alone and doesn't want his "company" to hear his private conversation.  I understand the situation and say okay.  I call one of my best friends and explain what just happened and she immediately is on her way to my house.  My husband ends up calling me back shortly thereafter and says he's on his way home.  Both my husband and my best friend show up one right after the other.  I really am a lucky girl.

My friend asks if I have called the doctor and I'm like, "uh, no."  I couldn't think - that never even crossed my mind!  What is wrong with me??  Anyway, I call the doctor's office and the answering service has her call me right back.  I tell the doctor what just happened and she asks the typical questions for someone with bleeding during pregnancy -- did you have sex recently? (no)  do you have any cramping? (no)  have you done any strenuous activities? -- Well, this is where I explain to her that I went to a concert down in Boston the night before (she asks, "The Aldean concert??").  Being her carefree, blunt, funny self, my doctor asks if I was smoking any pot while I was there.  I said, "no, but there was some around me in the air!"  She laughs and says that I'm fine.  (I adore my doctor, I really do.  She lightened the mood and really made me laugh and feel better about the freaky situation.)  She said that she thinks everything is just fine since the bleeding had stopped and said for me to come in to the labor and delivery unit at the hospital to hear the heartbeat for reassurance.

I was so nervous about calling my IPs to share this scary news.  I didn't know how to tell them.  My friend encouraged me to say the following and in this order, "The baby is fine, I just heard the heartbeat!!  But, I did have some bleeding."  She's brilliant.

My bleeding had stopped at that one gush, but I experienced another incident on Tuesday morning when I used the bathroom first thing that morning.  I was not "bleeding", but more of rust-colored discharge when I wiped (and a little in the toilet).  My initial reaction?  "You have got to be kidding me."

K was so incredibly understanding and supportive.  She and her husband ultimately decided that they wanted to schedule an ultrasound to be sure that all was really okay in there. My doctor's office arranged an ultrasound for just before my regularly scheduled OB appointment that upcoming Thursday afternoon.  The nurse sensed my nervousness and said, "why don't you come in and have a listen to the heartbeat?"  I did just that.  I put K on speakerphone so we could all listen to the beautiful sound.

My bleeding subsided completely and I went to my scheduled ultrasound and OB appointment on Thursday.  All went fantastic and I could see the little butterball all snuggled up in there.  (We also got some other exciting news while there, but I will let K share that...)  My appointment with my doctor went well, too.  She doesn't have an explanation for the bleeding, but thinks that it might be due to the twin pregnancy or even the small sub-chorionic hemorrhage that they saw at my very first ultrasound.  Either way, we're good.

I was sent on my merry way to the lab to have my follow-up blood draw for the NT scan.  I wait and wait and wait to be called.  Finally, it's my turn and I walk back with the phlebotomist.  She says, "no worries, just one little tube this time".  I smile and sit down.  Next to me sits a women who must have been newly pregnant because her phlebotomist brings out her 9,000 tubes for her blood draw.  I don't envy her.  My lady says she's gonna start and I hold my breath.  After a few seconds, I look over to my arm and see nothing - the tube is empty!  My girl is digging around my vein and pleading with it (silently) to give her blood.  I look over to the other lady (who started after me!) and she has 2 vials down.  What??  I try to relax and look over at my arm again.  Still nothing.  Okay, I'm about to punch this lady.  I look over to the other lady and 5 vials down.  Wait!  She's done?!  I look at my arm and this lady's got a trickle of blood coming out of my arm.  I've about had it and said, "okay, it's beginning to hurt" and just when she's about to remove the needle, my vein delivers the goods.  YeeHaw. 

So, here we are.  Feeling fine and taking names -- well, at least waiting for the final name reveal from K&J!!!  Woot!

Belly pic to come... Stay tuned!

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