Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Where'd it go?... Surrogate Side

Okay, here's my most significant "pregnancy brain" post for the time-being...

Long day yesterday.  Hubby had the kiddies for the day and I made sure his day was full of excitement; I had made an appointment for my son to see a Pediatric Pulmonary Specialist (he's okay!) for a simple consultation that afternoon and told my hubby that he'd be riding solo to the appointment with our daughter in tow, too.  I'm so nice.

I attended the consultation via speakerphone (yeah, that was easy with 2 children saying, "hi, momma!" every other second...*insert sarcasm here*).  The doctor was accommodating and allowed this to happen.  Sweet!  We got through the appointment with no harm done and resulting good news (see?, told you he was fine).

My hubs definitely had his hands full as my 3-almost 4-year old was in rare form and legitimately overtired from his "I'm going to play in my room and not go to sleep when Momma tells me to" overload the night before.  Although my 2-year old sleeps just fine (and even asks to go to sleep some nights), she feeds off of her older brother's shenanigans and, together, they become little monsters who have somehow gotten a hold of imaginary caffeine for kids to make them have the MOST energy one has ever seen and who's ears just don't seem to work.  At all.  (wink, wink)

That said, my husband decided that he was going to stop by the mall on the way home to maybe pick up a thing or two.  He later described that episode as disastrous.  (Yeah, us mommies would have known to go directly home by that point, and this mommy probably should have said something when she was told of his plans, but........Eeek! LOL!)

Around 1:30pm, my husband calls me at work and says that he just got called into work for an emergency.  Given his line of work, that simply means I drop everything and take the kids no matter what.  He tells me that he'll be dropping the kids off at my office and heading out.  When he arrives, he tells me that they have been terrible and that they hadn't had naps.  Yay......

Fast forward to after the kids (finally) get put to bed...early.

I sit down on the couch and turn on the television.  I needed some good teen drama or reality TV.  As I sit there, I begin to feel some "tickles" in my belly.  I immediately text K to tell her that I think I'm beginning to feel the baby move.  She's excited and I've made her day.  I google Babycenter's week-to-week synopses and find the 15-week mark.  The baby is the size of an apple.  Wow.  Then, as I sit there, I question my 15-week mark "guess".  I, for the life of me, could not figure out how far along I was.  I had to reverse google how many weeks I was by using our due date! 

That thing tells me I am 16.5 weeks along right now! What?!!?!  Where the heck did that week go?  (I'm losing it.)

16.5 weeks! Already? Geesh.

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  1. I just found your blog and have really enjoyed reading it! We are only 5 days apart! My transfer was on April 4th! I feel ya on losing track of time.. I swear I went from 14 wks to 17 wks! I hope it continues to move quickly! This heat is killing me already! :)