Tuesday, January 28, 2014

After Delivery.....PARENT Side!!

The morning after the delivery I woke and texted G to see how she was feeling and asked if we could visit after she was awake. J had stopped at the hotel to pick up his parents and grab a few things and I was excited for G to 'stop by.' The night before was a blur of pure excitement and happiness, not to mention I kept waking up every 5 minutes to make sure the baby was breathing, which I have been told is somewhat normal for new parents. G stopped by that morning and explained she received very little sleep since they kept stopping in her room every 10 minutes all night and took until 1:00 a.m. to remove the lovely catheter, so not fair! Hospitals don't create the best sleeping or resting environment, ironic as it is.
G quickly sat down and held baby Charlie. Watching G hold baby Charlie made me so happy, she laughed and said she would 'baby sit' a minute while I went and grabbed us a drink. As I peaked through the door on the way out, I snapped this photo, and it may be one of my favorite photos ever.

A few hours later, G's hubby and kids came to visit her and meet the baby. Her gorgeous kids had a present for the baby and the bear that they picked out is proudly placed in his room. Someday he will learn the story of how he came to be born and the miracle of this crazy journey. I knew that G was anxious to go home to her own family, and although we completely understood, we were sad to see her go. Although the journey had been filled with ups and downs, I was in a sense a little sad it was over. We were on cloud nine to have Charlie in our arms, but also truly enjoyed our journey with G. As she stopped in our room to say goodbye, I knew we would be forever linked, and even more than a friend, she had become family.

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