Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Postpartum recovery… Surrogate Side

Well, ain't that the truth!

I have to say, the boobies were probably the WORST part of this recovery.  Some had told me that it is worse than the actual delivery.  I quickly shot that down since my experience delivering this precious gift to K&J was nothing short of excruciating.  Boobie engorgement, although extremely painful and uncomfortable, will never come close to what I experienced during this last childbirth. 

I thought that I was going to get away with not having any boobie complications because 3 days postpartum, my milk still hadn't come in.  I mean, they were heavy and larger, but my milk hadn't "dropped" -- you know, the tingly, awkward, "vibrating" sensation that indicates that the liquid gold is ready for consumption.  I was a googling maniac trying to find out if one could get through having a baby and her milk not coming in.  Nothing I read could ascertain my inquiry...this may be because IT DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY!

In my own opinion (and take this for what it's worth), I think it is your body's way of torturing you for not breastfeeding.  They're saying, "look lady, use them for what they're for and because you're not, we're gonna cause pain and agony to teach you a lesson".  I have to say, the pain was pretty incredible the very first day my milk came in.  I had done some research beforehand so I would be prepared and was told that wearing two sports bras and/or binding your breasts with an ace-bandage helps a lot.  So, that I did.  Okay, it helped, but I was looking for more relief.  I was also told to buy cabbage and put the leaves into the bra.  I got mixed reviews on this one.  Googling told me it worked, but a close friend of mine said it was a waste of time.  Geesh, I should have listened to my friend...

I stuck those things in my bra and prayed for the best.  Yeah, that was the worst idea ever.  As soon as I put those suckers in my bra, I had my very first "let down"...  WTF?  I decided to ride it out for a bit to see if any magic happened.  Bad idea.  I continued to have about 2 more "let downs" in a matter of 30 minutes.  At that point, I matter-of-factly got up and removed those torture devices from my bra and threw them into the trash along with the rest of the head of cabbage.  Thump -- into the trash it went.

Over the next few days, the pain and engorgement ceased.  My husband was astounded by how rock-hard they were (and loved their new size).  I was shocked that they held their "smushed" shape when I took my bras off.  I wondered if they would ever be the same.  Come to find out, they are.  I was actually hoping that they would get a tad bit smaller, but they didn't......

As far as healing "down there" is concerned, I really cannot complain!  I healed so fast!  I want to attribute it to the lack of meds I had during delivery, but who knows?  (Still doesn't make it worth it...I would SOOO get an epidural again.)  I was back to work a week and a half after delivery.  No swelling, minimal bleeding and almost "back to normal" boobies.  Wowza!

K&J and I have kept in touch.  I really cannot imagine not having them in my life.  They are such sweet people and they really have become family.  I will always think of them often -- just can't help it; they are just that awesome!  They update me with how their butterball (aka: Charlie) is doing pretty regularly and I really love it.  My children adore seeing pictures of him and often ask about him.  My daughter is constantly saying, "Momma, pick me up...  because Charlie is not in your belly anymore".  I think she missed that.  LOL!  My son can't wait for "Charlie to be 2 because he can talk to me".

Love, Science, a Surrogate Body SuitK&J have received Charlie's birth certificate which names the rightful parents.  I nearly cried when I saw the picture of the document that K sent me.  We worked so hard for that.  We worked so hard to get them their child.  We worked so hard and it all worked out perfectly.

I couldn't be happier with this journey; the different avenues we crossed, the many ups and downs we faced, and most importantly, the relationship that bloomed throughout.  Forever a family. 

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