Friday, January 10, 2014

The big day.......IP Side

Well, the day had finally come (we hope) for the induction. After the first induction had been cancelled, we were disappointed to say the least. We decided to stay about 2 hours away the night before, and we enjoyed the day visiting with family. We knew that a blizzard was starting throughout the area and it was scheduled to be a horrible next few day of whiteouts and fast accumulating snow. We got up early and prayed that my phone didn't ring. As soon as we got on the road, we quickly realized that the conditions were awful, and getting worse by the hour. We texted G and told her due to the weather and heavy traffic we would be a tiny bit late, but she assured me it was okay and we was going to be given an antibiotic before her other medication was started anyway. When we arrived at the hospital, we poked our head in the door and were greeted with big hugs from G and her hubby.
Have we mentioned what an amazing hubby he is, he was so thoughtful that he brought the family camera to take pictures of our exciting day for us, what a great person. We started to walk the halls with G, who was having contractions, I could tell that she was anxious to get the show on the road, yet we all knew that his process could take quite some time. After walking the halls for a while and chatting back in her room, we decided to all eat some lunch. J and I went downstairs to grab a bite to eat and get some coffee. We also phoned his parents who were planning on heading down for the night, and told them they better leave quickly because the roads were getting pretty dangerous, and we knew that they may not be able to get there for a few days after the storm, if it became worse. When we headed back up to the room, we realized that G's contractions were getting worse, and the nurse (who we couldn't have loved more) pushed that lovely button and increased her Pitocin again.
Before we knew it, G's water broke and from there, it was just a blur of excitement, or pain from G's perspective. The anesthesiologist FINALLY came to the room and at one point, it was only me, G, and the nurse and doctor in the room, because the two men were both getting a little dizzy. Well, I found this doctor to be a little bit on the annoying side. The last thing we wanted was for the epidural to not work, in fact I had experienced that myself several years ago, and lets just say it wasn't my fondest memory. J and I stood off to the side and our hearts sank, we knew that the baby was coming quickly but we also knew she was in a lot of pain. To be a surrogate is incredible enough, and after all she has done for us, now the epidural didn't work. YIKES......Before we knew it, she began pushing and several residents and physicians starting filling the room. Now, I still can't believe it only took a few pushes and before we knew it, the baby had arrived. He let out a HUGE cry, which was definitely the best sound we had ever heard. He was beautiful, absolutely perfect. While they were cleaning off Charlie, I kept walking over to G, and making sure she was okay. After they told us his weight (8 lbs 14 oz), we laughed and G's hubby also laughed and mentioned that they are often a little 'off' on the measurements right before birth, I guess so! She assured me she was. J and I were both positive that she was not only super woman but an angel. As the nurse was doing basic vitals and cleaning off Charlie, J and I looked over at G, with tears in our eyes and whispered thank you. We looked around and the nurses were crying, as well as the 3 of us. It was amazing. Our dream had become a reality, and then watching my hubby pick up the baby and hold him in his arms, was the best feeling in the world. We had become parents.

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