Friday, February 20, 2015

K's a ROCKSTAR... Surrogate Side

K's a rockstar.  She had her egg retrieval on Wednesday morning and they were able to get 8 eggs!  She was sent on her merry way with some very important Vicodin and orders to rest.  

As she rested, I awaited a call from the clinic to confirm my next steps for meds (even though I was well aware of what needed to happen, I felt better to hear it directly from my cycle nurse).  I didn't want to be the one to screw anything up!! After waiting a while for them to call me, I called the clinic to request this information.  I left a message a couple of times...  I think my final message got their attention because I got a call back later that afternoon.  

I'm thinking the cause of the delay was that my cycle nurse was either on vacation or out of the office that week since the nurse who called me really had no idea of my next steps.  I pretty much explained to myself my next steps and she just verified.  I was informed that I would continue the estrogen regimen of pills and patches, discontinue the Lupron and begin butt injections; progesterone in oil (PIO).  When the nurse didn't mention anything about the pills (Medrol -- umm, YUCK! -- and doxycycline), I asked if those also began.  She said, "oh yes; start them, too". Good thing I've been around this block a time or two... o_O

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I asked if they happened to know if the transfer was confirmed for Saturday and she told me yes, but they wouldn't have a time yet.  I would find out the time the day before the procedure.  

There is something to say about being a surrogate and having patience...  

I finally got the call for the time of transfer and my excitement suddenly peaked.  It's getting real again!  I immediately log onto Amazon to place an order for pee sticks!

As I was searching for good deals for First Response Early Result home pregnancy tests, I received a text from K.  She notified me of our transfer time (just in case I hadn't heard from the clinic yet) and also shared that out of the 8 eggs that were retrieved, only 2 were fertilized. This was disappointing news for both of us; especially K.  Given the historically not-so-great quality of the eggs, we have chosen to transfer 3 embryos each time to increase our chances that at least one will attach and grow.  Unfortunately, this time around, we don't have a choice of which embryos will be best since we will have to transfer the only 2 that fertilized.  This was heartbreaking for K.  She felt defeated.  But, I made it very clear to her that she is a ROCKSTAR!  There are not many women who could endure all of what she has been through in life.

We. Will. Get. There.  We WILL stay positive!

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