Tuesday, February 24, 2015

We have a "HIP", folks... Surrogate Side

Our transfer was Saturday and given my past excursions to the clinic (and being late the last time I went), I was determined to not be late. On any normal day, without traffic, it should take about 2.5 hours to get to the IVF clinic from my house. The last time I made the trek, I gave myself an extra hour to allow for traffic; I was STILL late. This time, I planned for an additional almost two hours. I spoke with K the night before and she was like, "Nooooo! It's the weekend and there won't be as much traffic!" I decided to compromise and leave myself the one extra hour (and would totally blame her if I were to be late - hehe!).

That said, K was right. There wasn't any traffic and I arrived a whole hour early. Lol! Not a big deal; I totally rested in my nice warm car until K arrived and then we made our way inside where we chatted and caught up. I tell you, she is like family to me. Our nurse even asked if we were sisters! 

I did things right this time; I wasn't late (!) and I didn't over fill my bladder. (The things you learn after a few times... wink, wink). 

After we chatted a while, we were called back for the procedure. We were set up at a different station as the past two times and had a new nurse. I told K we have a fresh start. The reproductive endocrinologist (RE) came to talk with us about the embryos and expressed that the two that fertilized are good. One embryo was an average 11-cell while the other was a PERFECT 8-cell that was labeled a "HIP". K and I both looked at each other in question. What the heck was a "HIP"?

According to the RE, a "HIP" is an embryo with "high implant potential". We're like, Oooooh YEAAAAHH! This was such great news! After learning that only 2 of the 8 eggs fertilized, this was a breath of fresh air. 

After our brief consultation about the quality of the embryos, we were brought back to the procedure room where we were joined by, get this, a student nurse who would like to witness the procedure. (Have I not said before that I must have a neon sign on my forehead that reads, pick me! Pick me!!??) 

As I adjust myself on the table and the nurse tries her best to save some of my dignity with a sheet, the entire medical staff (or so it feels like) flock into my room to watch me during the awkward situation. 

Why is it that men get into this field?? The RE was an old man (who is the one who really gets down and dirty during the transfer) and the ultrasound technician (who uses this technology to help guide the catheter to the right spot in my uterus) was also a man. I don't get it.

Anyway, when the embryos were successfully transferred, I got covered back up and could go back to dress and use the restroom. The nurse loved our "lucky" socks!

I made the trip back home with the precious cargo in tow. 

And now onto the dreaded two week wait. Tick tock, tick tock. Our pregnancy test is scheduled for Wednesday, March 4th. Haha, yeah right. There is no way I will be able to wait that long. 

Pee sticks will commence soon!  Ahhh!

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