Monday, February 16, 2015

Cycle update... Surrogate Side

Well, there's been some progress with our next attempt at a sibling for the big guy! I've been diligently taking my meds as directed (only one itty, bitty mistake that wouldn't cause any issues - hopefully! I inadvertently changed my estrogen patch one day early... o_O). 

I went for my monitoring appointment to check the fluffiness of my uterine lining and she never ceases to amaze me. My uterus was on point and exceeded desirable expectations. I was instructed to continue my meds as prescribed and wait for K to be ready for her part. 

K ever-so-patiently awaited the arrival of her period so she could begin her meds to stimulate follicle growth. She's such a trooper; her meds are heavy duty and cause significant discomfort for her. But, instead of complaining about it, she forgets about her own pain and asks how I am doing; always looking out for others! Just like at the birth of baby Charlie! She was always making sure I was okay, comfortable and well hydrated! Lol! 

I digress...

So, she's been to a few monitoring appointments and, although her follicles have been slow-growing (which is quite normal for her), she was told that they can see at least 9 eggs! She was given her retrieval date -- THIS Wednesday morning!

Once she undergoes the surgery for the egg retrieval, they will be fertilized by J's sperm and be left to grow for 3 days. At some point during that time, the embryos will be helped along by a procedure called "assisted hatching". I'm not an expert with that technology, but I guess it helps the embryos attach better to the fluffiness and grow. Charlie was also helped along by that same process.

So, although we have not been "officially" informed by the clinic of our date of transfer, both K and I anticipate that we'll see each other on Saturday adorned in our "lucky socks" for another round!

...the date of this next transfer just HAS to be lucky because I am skipping out on girls' night out to see 50 Shades of Grey (which has been planned for a year and a half)... 


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