Saturday, February 28, 2015

POAS #1 (and #2)... Surrogate Side

After our transfer last Saturday, K and I talked about how long we should wait before testing using a home pregnancy test. The clinic has their standard two week wait time for a scheduled blood test, but that is just waaaayy too long to wait; for me at least. K and I both knew we would try testing at home before our beta on March 4th, but when...?

K is a heck of a lot more reserved than I am and said Sunday, March 1st. I had another date in mind; Friday, February 27th - 6 days past our transfer date. We had a positive that early with Charile, but he was also a twin. I decided to take it day by day and see how I felt as time progressed. 

A day after our transfer, I got ill. Coincidentally, I caught some bug that was going around and had a fever, chills, headache and some pretty intense body aches. I didn't have any nausea (thank God), but didn't feel good at all. I really don't like taking meds (and especially during pregnancy or potential pregnancy), but I had to get my fever under control. I texted K and let her know how I was feeling and she agreed that I had to take something for the fever. I took Tylenol pretty regularly and it helped significantly. 

I stayed home from work on Monday and made the fatal error to keep my daughter home with me instead of bringing her to daycare. Well, I take that back. She was an angel and played perfectly and quietly throughout the day, but the fatal part was that she wanted to be fed. She wanted lunch, dammit. I gathered up all my strength to make her macaroni and cheese for lunch and that was when it hit me. Remember when I said I wasn't nauseated at all? Well, the smell of the pasta cooking sent me over the edge and to hugging the toilet. I never did throw up, but it was bad. Bad enough for me to curl up on the bathroom floor and pray. But! That was the only time I felt that way. I never once had another bout of nausea. 

Hmmm... Pregnancy related or sickness related?? Haha! Probably only sickness related, but totally makes your mind wonder!

Well, the remainder of the week trickled on and Thursday arrived. K had asked how I had been feeling and asked me what my gut feeling was. I told her that I thought I was pregnant. As crazy as it seems, I was yawning all the time (to the point of embarrassment during a meeting) and my sense of smell was considerably heightened. I know, these symptoms could very well be in my head, but I've been around this block a time or two (or three). I could also feel some magic happening down there (wink, wink).

So, I told K that I was going to pee on a stick (POAS) on Friday morning. Eeek!

And so I did:

I had heard if you put your ring on top of the test, your camera would have something to focus on and you could better capture the results of the test. It didn't work as well as I hoped...

Well, I did the test, but didn't think there would be anything worth jumping around for since it was so early. But! A very, very faint line did appear. Can you see it?!

Anyway, I POAS again this morning and this is what we saw:

How about that for a darker line??

I think it's safe to say that we are PREGNANT! Official word will be told on Wednesday, March 4th for the blood test!

Eeeek! It still hasn't sank in...!

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