Thursday, May 9, 2013

Good News....And More Waiting.....IP Side

Following the transfer my husband and I along with family and friends, hoped and we prayed and we waited, we tried not to talk about it but that never works. Secretly I had a great feeling about it this time, but wanted to be sure. For weeks prior, we kept thinking we needed to leave my phone near the bed in case our carrier called or texted with an early HPT result. Classically, we missed the first message we received from her but we laughed about it later, and from there on out she and I became obsessed with those evil sticks. Of course the blood test is the final determination but we kept waiting to receive good news and when we heard the HPT tests were positive and the first and second beta test were strong numbers we were ecstatically happy, yet at the same time feeling edgy for the weeks to follow. We decided to wait a few days longer in the allocated time frame our nurse gave us for our first ultrasound in hopes that we would see the heartbeat. As our carrier is experiencing one perspective of this journey we as a couple/IPs are experiencing another and one that is very challenging to put into words.

How do you thank someone for what they have ALREADY done (and the baby isn't even born yet)? The real answer is you can't. This is a gift that is so beyond gratitude words don't do it justice. She has been so supportive and even with her own family and daily life always includes us. It’s a fine balance because we want to respect her life as well. For an IP couple that communication and also genuine happiness that she has for us, means more than she will ever know. The love and appreciation that we have for this person and her family were felt from the moment they agreed to work with us. We realize (to an extent) what she is committing to. What she is going through physically, emotionally and mentally and even to get to this POINT is pretty magnificent and we won't ever take that for granted. Talk about extreme babysitting!!
So we wait some more, which after 4 1/2 years we have got a little bit better at and we hope all is healthy and going well for BOTH our carrier and future child. Until then, let's hope she is able to have a little more ginger ale or crackers. Fingers crossed for great news next week. 


  1. hotpockets. How about some saltines and ginger ale?? You both are too sweet. Thanks for being awesome. xo

  2. I retract my last sentence!!! Cheers to you and your ginger ale! ;)

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