Friday, May 3, 2013

And, we wait some more... Surrogate Side

Okay, if waiting for the day to take the beta blood test to confirm this pregnancy was the death of me, waiting for our early ultrasound to see how many embryos implanted (there's only one in there, I just know it) and to see/hear the heartbeat(s) is like waiting for hell to freeze over.  Ahhhhhh!!!  Seriously, how are we gonna wait the next 8 months while this little butterball cooks??

So, I went for my follow-up blood test to be sure my levels were increasing appropriately (they should at least double every 24-36 hours) and we passed!  My first beta was 151 and the next one was 490 three days later - reinforcing my gut feeling that there is only one baby in there.  (There is still some chance that I could be carrying twins, but I just don't believe it.  Everyone I have spoken with who have had twins has said that their levels were in the thousands after their follow-up beta.  However, when I gave into my urge to google other people's experience, I was bombarded with twin stories with lower levels.  So, needless to say, I will fall off the table on May 15th if/when we are shown that more than one baby is in there.)

After getting our great news that my levels increased as they should, I felt somewhat relieved.  I wasn't POAS every morning to confirm pregnancy and I was having withdrawals - hey, don't judge! (wink, wink)  The very next day I received a text from my husband, who was home with the kiddies that day.  I took a look only to find a picture of a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  My initial reaction?  "What the heck did he do that he thought he had to get me flowers??"  As I'm processing the possible misfortunes that could have happened while he was watching the kids, my phone rang.  It was my hubby.  I immediately answered the phone and asked who they were from; completely expecting him to say himself.  Much to my surprise, he said they were from K&J!  He read the card and I nearly cried - they are awesome.  Period.  They are amazing and I am the luckiest carrier in the world.

Card:  "We did it! Looking forward to the next eight months! Sending lots of love, K&J"

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