Tuesday, November 5, 2013

31 week VISIT.......Intended Parents Side

Recently I flew out to meet with our amazing gestational carrier and visit our new doctor's office. In addition, have an ultrasound and view the hospital where she will be delivering. We decided to switch to another doctor's office that would deliver at a larger hospital on the very unlikely chance that we would need the NICU. We loved our last OB as well and hoped that the next transition would be a good one for everyone. My hubby was unable to attend which made me sad, as his uncle had planned to visit him for a few days from New York, and we didn't want to cancel his trip since he was coming to speak at a conference nearby as well. But I was able to go and I was thankful for that. Since my in laws don't live too far from our carrier, my mother in law asked if I wanted to have the extra company and I told her that G said that was fine which was incredibly sweet of her. We left Friday a.m. for the 2 hour drive to the new hospital to meet G.
I was so excited and couldn't wait to see our little man in bright lights. At first glance we couldn't believe how AMAZING G looked! She is one of those people who looks even more beautiful when she is pregnant. She was also excited to see us. She will be a forever friend to us, she's amazing. We quickly were brought into the ultrasound room and we were able to get some pretty incredible views of the baby. Thankfully everything looked perfect and he's measuring right on track.
It was a special treat for everyone. We also were able to meet with the NP and do a short visit to review the next few weeks. We talked about how we will handle the time when G gets closer to delivery. One of our concerns is that we REALLY don't want to miss the delivery, but we also realize staying nearby and 'waiting' for a few weeks is not too feasible either, so we will play everything by ear and as we get closer we will have a much better idea of how things will progress. We were unable to meet the new doctor but everyone felt very comfortable with the new practice and G had worked with them in the past as well. Next, she had set up a private (short) tour of the labor and delivery suite. It was incredible thoughtful of her to do this and we were so excited. The unit looks like the 'Four Seasons' and had really beautiful facilities. I'm glad that we were able to see exactly where we need to go in advance. Following our tour we all parted ways and we gave G a huge hug. The little man didn't want to make any sudden movements too much while we were there but it's okay, soon enough he will be here and the party will begin! We are getting ready for his arrival and having fun getting the nursery ready. Look at this face!!! Isn't he adorable......

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