Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Top 8 Most Common Questions....Intended Parents Side

Over the course of the last year my hubby and I have received many of the same questions over and over.

These include:

Q: Why did you choose surrogacy?
A: After years of infertility treatments and several losses we were told that not only becoming pregnant but staying pregnant were extremely difficult. Therefore we looked into other options, including surrogacy and decided together that this was a great choice for us.

Q: How did you choose your surrogate?
A: We submitted our profile to our agency (Circle) and they were worked very hard on finding what they felt was a very good fit. For us it's been a perfect fit and we couldn't be happier.

 Q: Isn't it strange to have your baby be carried by someone other than you?
 A: Well....Depends how you look at it. To be honest, no we are extremely grateful for this opportunity and consider it a pretty sweet miracle. At times we both do really wish that we could have done this the 'old fashioned way.'  As of course we are only human, BUT we are so happy and grateful how could you feel sad?!

Q: Do you plan on telling your child about your surrogacy experience?
A: Yes. We will be open and honest from the beginning when it's age appropriate.

Q: Why didn't you just adopt?
A: We love adoption and have close family members who did just that, but for us we wanted to try this journey and are open to many things in the future as well.

Q: Do you think God was trying to tell you you weren't meant to have children?
A: No, I think he was just saying the best things come to those who have faith and are a little bit stubborn.

Q: What part of this journey has been the hardest?
A: The hardest part was the beginning of the pregnancy making sure we got through the first few months. Also, living a bit of a distance has been challenging at times because we wish we both could have attended all appointments but technology and our carrier have been amazing!

Q: Do you plan on keeping in touch with your surrogate or ever talking to her after the baby is born?
A:  YES! Our surrogate will always be a friend to our family,  we can't imagine anything else! It's been a pretty fantastic journey so far and the best part is yet to come.

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