Friday, November 1, 2013

Like it or not... Surrogate Side

Well, there goes that.

So, it turns out that the new motion to encourage the Judge to "reconsider" his decision about the pre-birth order was again denied.  But, the court didn't exactly write "denied", instead rather politely stated that a post-birth hearing was "granted".  Sly little devils.  I guess we'll be doing this post-delivery whether we like it or not...

They scheduled the hearing within 5 days of giving birth so it is very likely that we will get K&J's names on the birth certificate the first time around.  Yay!

My attorney expressed that this isn't the end of the world, but makes things a bit more hectic after the baby is born (which is during a pretty hectic time of year)...  With it being the holiday season (umm, Christmas/Hanuukah/Kwanzaa and New Years - crazy!) and people taking time off, this is not ideal, but totally doable.  Here's  a direct quote from him:
  • The good news is that he will allow an emergency hearing within five days of the birth, which should be sufficient to get the first birth certificate correctly issued.
  • The bad news is more work for us immediately after the birth. 
Oh goodie, we like more work.  He did go on to say that should I require a c-section (and God willing I DO NOT), he will attend the hearing on my behalf with my telephone number handy...  Good man.

Although much of this seems overwhelming, stressful and chaotic, I actually am okay with things.  As much as I would have loved having the birth order taken care of prior to having this baby, I am confident with our efforts thus far and have complete trust in our legal staff.  I leave this in the hands of the man above -- He's gotten us this far!!  


  1. Positive thinking, Gina, is the way to proceed! I am so proud of you in so many ways, and proud to know you as the wonderful, thoughtful, and courageous woman that you are! Hang in there, not much longer!

    1. Awe! Thanks, Mrs. Tocci! I appreciate all the love and kind words. This journey is truly such a beautiful time in my life and I continue to get more excited as my due date approaches! I cannot wait to give these two amazing people the child they have longed for and so incredibly deserve. Thanks for your support! :)