Monday, December 9, 2013

37 week update... Surrogate Side

Date:  December 9th, 2013 (Happy birthday, Alli!)

How Many Weeks:  37 weeks!

Total Weight Gain: I'm going to say 24lbs... Eek!  At my last appointment, I had gained an additional 2lbs.  BUT, WAIT! I didn't remove my shoes (because I was too lazy to take my Uggs off partially due to the thought of putting them back on...) and I also was wearing a pretty heavy, knee-length, chunky knit sweater.  Yes, I am pulling out all the stops on this one.  I have an appointment on Wednesday afternoon to confirm.  (I don't know why tracking my weight gain freaks me out so much.  I know that I really haven't put on THAT much weight and I should be happy with my luck with carrying so well.  It's just so bizarre to watch my weight increase when I've never really cared much before. Bear with me as we progress into the next few remaining weeks.)

Baby Size:  Winter Melon (now this is more like it, geesh!)

What is going on with this baby:
  • He's practicing some skills: inhaling, exhaling, sucking, gripping and blinking.
  • He's getting his first sticky poop (called meconium) ready for his first diaper.  Have fun with that one, K&J!  My hubby had never changed a diaper before in his life and I had him change our first born's very first diaper chock full of the delightful meconium!  I got pictures... 
Maternity Clothes:   I am beginning to wonder what I'm going to bring to the hospital as far as "after delivery" clothing.  On the one hand, I think I will probably just wear the hospital gown that I wore for my entire stay with both of my other deliveries, but on the other hand, I feel as though I want to be a little more comfy.  (I am REALLY loving my new jammies.)  The primary reason I wore the hospital gown for my other babies was because of the convenience of being able to nurse easily.  I won't be nursing this time, so I'm wondering if I should bring my comfy jammies.  But, then again, do I really want to destroy them with the mess that follows a vaginal delivery??  YIKES!  What a predicament.  LOL!

Sleep: I've been having quite a bit of contractions lately.  Some are very uncomfortable and sometimes occur while I'm sleeping.  I'm still sleeping relatively okay, though.  It could certainly be worse.  Finding a comfortable position is probably the worst of it - lots of tossing and turning. 

Movement:  He's still very active - stretching his arms and legs and bottom regularly (at least trying to stretch as far as my belly will let him)!!  It's pretty funny to see his actual position during one of my contractions. 

Symptoms:  At my last OB appointment, I was told that I was 1cm dilated and 50% effaced.  I just knew there was magic happening!  That said...

Well, I thought I was going into labor on Saturday.  Okay, maybe not REAL labor, but my body was definitely getting some work done in/down there.  My lower back hurt so much, my contractions were, at times, 6 minutes apart and super painful with lots of pressure in my cervix area.  My husband questioned whether or not I would be having the baby that night!  He even encouraged me to give K&J a call just for a heads up.  And, the kicker is, he even pulled out a timer to time my contractions!  LOL!  He was so worried that I would have the baby that weekend that he called out of work.  What a good man I have.

When I phoned K, I could immediately tell she was on high-alert.  I mean, wouldn't you be if you had your carrier calling you 3 weeks out from your due date of the child you have been waiting a lifetime for??  I explained what was happening and told her not to book a flight just yet (wink, wink).  She was so cute.

Although it did not happen this weekend, I still feel pretty confident that Mr. Butterball will be making his appearance sooner rather than later...  Just my opinion.  And, for some reason, December 21st is the date that keeps popping in mind.

(**Having lower back pain/cramping as we speak...**)

Food Cravings/Aversions:  I was caught!  My urine sample from my last appointment showed "higher levels of sugars" in it...  Eating a bag of Skittles just before my appointment probably wasn't the smartest idea.  I confessed.  My doctor, however, was not worried about that part of my urine results, though.  He said that because I passed my glucose screen so nicely, I could have as much sugar as I wanted.  (SCORE!)

The concern he did have regarding my urine was the elevated protein in it.  He was somewhat shocked by it given that I wasn't at all swollen, my blood pressure was low (normal for me) and everything else checked out.  He really didn't think that I was heading into pre-eclampsia so he asked if I could leave a couple more drops so he could retest it himself.  I told him I'd do what I can!   Just as he thought, my urine screen was just fine.  Protein levels were in the slightly elevated to normal range.  He thinks that the test may have sat longer than it should have.  Phew!  That would not have been fun. 

I'm looking forward to: having this baby!  Not that I'm excited to be done with this journey/pregnancy, but more-so because I just cannot wait to have K&J meet their bundle of joy!!!  


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