Friday, December 27, 2013

39 and 3/4 week update... Surrogate Side

Appointment this afternoon! K was able to join me, but J's flight was cancelled last night due to the inclement weather in the area. He was arriving here just as we were getting ready for the appointment so he wasn't able to make it. 

At this appointment we learned that I lost more weight. So, in total, I've gained 23lbs so far this pregnancy. I guess it wasn't a faulty scale thing last time! K was even there as a witness. So weird! I asked if that was normal and okay and they said that the amount of weight I've gained thus far is adequate. I, by no means, have been trying to lose the weight - don't get me wrong. I can say, though, that I haven't been very hungry lately. Hmm. 

Anyway, onto way more interesting things! Baby boy's heartbeat is perfect and I'm measuring right on target. K was able to feel some of his body parts moving, but this little bugger gets shy around her. She wasn't able to really see/feel him dance... 

Moving right along -- I had my cervical exam and just before he did the deed, the doctor asked if we would be doing a sweep. K and I agreed that it couldn't hurt and said go for it. 

(Now let me be clear, I had never had my membranes swept before so I had no idea what to expect.)

The doctor proceeds with the cervical exam and I prepare myself for the typical discomfort. Little did I know, as I lay there anticipating the slightly uncomfortable situation of a cervical exam, that all hell is breaking loose down there. I was SO confused. I was like (in my head, of course), "umm, what the heck are you doing?!" 

I didn't realize that he would be sweeping right at that moment! And, who named it "sweeping"? More like dig around... I assumed there was some sort of tool that would be used for the sweep. Boy, was I wrong! Yowza! The doc said that he stopped after my third "okkkaaaaaaayyy!"  Lol! I didn't even realize that I was saying anything. 

The results of the exam revealed that I am 2+cm and still 50% effaced. A little bit of progress! From there we discussed our next steps. I explained (again) that I didn't want to rush anything and end up having a c-section and the doctor said that given today's exam, he felt confident that scheduling an induction for next week would be okay. That said, we have a scheduled induction for Tuesday, December 31st at 8:30am!  

We'll see if the torture I experienced this afternoon was worth it. Will I go into labor on my own this weekend? Or, will I be induced on New Year's Eve?? 


  1. Good luck! I feel your pain with having your membranes stripped....that is horrible! I had it done with my first and never since. But I did deliver within a few days, hopefully you do to!

    1. Should note - I've had 2 of my own and 11 weeks with my first surrobaby!