Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Oh, really? ... Surrogate Side

Bring on the memory loss in full swing -- Effective....now.

This week (and it's only the beginning - yikes!) has been a whirlwind of "uhhh...I do?" moments.  Let me explain:

Just yesterday, I received a phone call from my OB office to confirm my appointment for Wednesday of this week.  I was "unaware" that I had an appointment for Wednesday.  I go ahead and confirm it and decide to take a look at my calendar.  Yep - it's right there.  I must have booked it at my last appointment and completely forgot about it.  (In my defense, that was like a month ago and I WOULD have seen it appear on my calendared events for tomorrow on my computer, but it was only Monday!)  Okay, one for team memory loss. 

To make a Monday even better...  Just as I thought I was being productive, organized and timely, I am smacked in the face with yet another "uh..." moment.  My son just recently had a birthday and I was depositing his birthday money into his bank account.  No big deal.  I get the receipt and plan to put it into the envelope dedicated to "money for deposit" at home -- yes, I try to be THAT organized.  As I put the receipt into the envelope, I notice 2 checks that I failed to deposit from back in April...  I call my children's Godfather (my brother) to let him know of my absentmindedness and he laughs at me.  I just can't win.  Two for team memory loss...

However, this morning I received a phone call from an optometrist office to confirm an appointment that I had for my daughter for Thursday of this week.  I was also unaware of this appointment, but this time it was legitimate.  I really  had no idea that this was even scheduled.  You know they don't have a real person make these calls anymore so I had to press this button and that button and this button to actually speak with a live person.  But, in true G fashion, the call just ends after all my accurate rerouting.  So, I call the office line that appeared on my phone and from there was rerouted to another line.  Low and behold, I'm put through to voicemail.  What?!  The message states that they will return my call either today or the next business day.  That's convenient - especially since her "scheduled" appointment is this coming Thursday.  Oh well.  I guess I'll just suck it up and take off work and bring her.  This one WAS NOT my fault; one point for the home team!

I know it may not seem like a big deal, but you can't do that to a pregnant woman with 2 small children and a husband who is working or out of town a lot.  That is just not fair!  Who does that?  Who "schedules" an appointment without actually scheduling it with the patient (or patient's mom)?  And, the icing on the cake?  My hubby will be out of state (for my brother's bachelor party, oh boy...) for the remainder of the week.  Gah!  That means, both kids will be in tow.  Fun times ahead!

Thanks for listening to my most current WTF moment.  The ladies in my office like to laugh at me as they watch my head spin.  I quite enjoy being the circus act of the day/week.  So, I thought I'd share it with all of you as well.

Now, on to the bigger and better things in my life right now:

20 happy, healthy weeks...
Baby boy is quite the little gymnast and has a pretty good routine going these days.  I can almost rely on a nightly performance around 7:30/8pm.  The other night, butterball was in rare form and sitting relatively high and I could feel him - not just his kicks, but his actual body - and I had my husband feel it, too.  It was wild!  Baby boy typically  likes to sit super low and to the right (just like my daughter did...there must be a good little niche there).  Come to think of it, this could be the reason for all of my bulging and purple veins in my right leg!!!!  Geesh, I'm brilliant! (wink, wink) 

PS:  I received my new (and enormously large) bras in the mail.  WooHoo!  Apart from their appalling looks (who am I trying to impress?), they feel great!  Now if I can just get my boobies to stop growing...

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  1. You're adorable! Is it ok that this happens to me all the time (like the kids dentist appointment yesterday that I didn't know about, then woke up late for!) even though I'm not prego? What a great thing you're doing!