Thursday, August 8, 2013

Updates in Baby BOY Land........Intended Parents Side

The time had come for our 'big' 20 week ultrasound. Although we already knew the sex of the baby, I had planned to travel to our carrier's big ultrasound, which was yesterday and I was SO EXCITED! I left Tuesday a little early from work that evening and headed to the airport. All seemed to be going well, but we were stuck on the runway for almost an hour and because of this I was afraid I was going to miss my connection and this was the last flight of the day. Airlines can be so fun. As everyone went literally RUNNING of the plane, I joined them in the race for my gate and quickly realized that it was about 5 miles away, and before I knew it, my shoe had fallen off and that preceded to slow me down as I knocked down a few people in the process of finding my lost shoe. What a mess. Note to self, wear different shoes.
I also managed to take a quick look down and my pant zipper was unzipped (keeping it classy) as well in my amazing race. This truly explained the strange looks I had been getting since mile 2.  I had to laugh out loud. I just barely made my connection and sat down on my seat sweating profusely, and feeling badly for the person next to me. When the captain announced that we would be having another flight delay for.....wait for it....the light bulb in the coffee maker was broken and we weren't allowed to take off until this was repaired, which proceeded to take another 45 minutes. Long story short, we made it, I landed and headed to the hotel for a little sleep before I met our amazing carrier who kindly picked me up from my hotel and we headed to the ultrasound. We all felt really excited about the ultrasound and only a TINY bit nervous because our 16 week blood test which included an AFP test came back a little elevated which could have been a sign of Spina Bifida. Yet we weren't really worried (nor was the doctor) since we had had many ultrasounds in the past and so far all has looked great. She and I quickly talked about her family and how things have been going and caught up on life. She looked so amazing and is so sweet to be around and most importantly she is starting to feel a little better. We are so lucky to have her as our carrier!!!! G had a full bladder and we had to wait for about 10-15 minutes and as soon as they called her name we quickly followed the medical staff member who would be performing the ultrasound. She told her that G didn’t have to have a full bladder and those were magic words and she was able to use the bathroom before we got started. Happy dance.
 During the ultrasound we were able to see the little turkey in full view and we were told that things looked great. The baby was breech at this point, but we all know there is plenty of time for the baby to change positions. We were told that we should have another ultrasound in early November around 32 weeks just to monitor growth. Baby was also measuring about a week behind, but we were told that can significantly vary as well, and they weren’t concerned. We were so excited that things have been progressing smoothly and we hope for a very boring next few months.  My hubby and I have never made it past 25 weeks, so once we hit that mark, I think we will feel really happy and it will be here before you know it. Sadly, I had to leave shortly after the appointment for an earlier flight home than I originally anticipated, due to an issue at work. I was hoping I could have visited more with G, but we can't wait to visit again and all in all it was a PERFECT morning!

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