Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's about time... Surrogate Side

Well, the time has finally come (and I fear actually writing this down as I don't want to jinx myself), but I actually feel good.  Like good, good.  Like normal good!  Besides the fact that this butterball likes to sit really low  -- which makes getting down to my kids' level very difficult (and sometimes painful) -- I feel like a normal person!  Now this is how I remember pregnancy!!! Ahh...

Although I feel good, it doesn't make seeing things that I want to have, but can't because I'm pregnant, any easier.  Just yesterday, my favorite beer of all time came out for the season -- Shipyard PumpkinHead!  Mmm!  I mean I don't drink a lot, but I do look forward to the first PumpkinHead of the season.  What's really gonna get my panties in a knot is the day my husband brings home the first case and cracks one open right in front of me and takes a nice long taste.  He'll savor every delightful drop and make sure I am watching every sip he takes; all because he's just so sweet to me.

Umm... drool.
It's okay, though.  I'll make it.  There is nothing more rewarding than this journey I have chosen for myself.  My husband tells me all the time, "you signed up for this" and he's right.  I did.  And, I do not regret it.  (And for the record, I REALLY want a nice, fresh deli sandwich with crisp lettuce, ripe tomato, smoked ham and turkey on a mustard covered fresh baked roll.)  Great, now I'm drooling again.

Alright, enough of my "cravings".  On to the good stuff!  Another belly pic!

Not much has changed since last time, but here's 18.5 weeks!
Although it may appear as though not much has changed since my last photo, I have to tell you that A LOT has changed inside that belly!  I can feel a lot more movement!  Little kicks, too!  This little boy is a mover.  Good luck with that, K&J! 

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