Monday, October 21, 2013

30 week update... Surrogate Side

Date:  October 21st, 2013

How Many Weeks:  30 weeks!

Total Weight Gain: 17lbs.  Although it's alarming to me to be gaining 1lb/week, my doctor does not seem at all concerned and continues to tell me that my weight looks good!  I'm going to believe her - she's the doctor, right?

Baby Size: Cucumber

What is going on with this baby:
  • His skin is getting smoother.  And baby soft, I would assume...  Eager for the moment of his parents' first touch!
  • But his brain is getting wrinklier -- to make way for all that essential brain tissue. 
  • He's now strong enough to grasp a finger!  Oh, what a moment that will be!  I cannot wait to see this!!

Maternity Clothes: Of course!  With my continuous weight gain and the growth of this little bugger, I'm not going to be losing any weight any time soon...  There is just no going back.  (I did, however, try to wear a pre-pregnancy sweater the other day.  Let's just say that the maternity tank underneath got a lot of use.)

Sleep:  No complaints here.  It's funny how if I become startled, baby boy gets a move on!  He is kicking and squirming like a pro!  But, he's pretty quick to calm down so I can get back to sleep.  He's a sweetie!

Movement: Yep, he still likes to get down!  Just last night I swear there was a boxing match in my belly.  Not sure who or what he was punching/kicking, but that little man kinda freaked me out for a few seconds!  And, no, I wasn't able to get it on video...  Boo!  This baby boy obviously doesn't subscribe to the same fitness mindset as me (wink, wink):

Symptoms: My fatigue is becoming increasingly unwanted and more apparent.  By the end of the day, I literally just want to plop on the couch and sit there.  And when I finally  do make it there, I can barely tear myself away to even get to bed.  LOL!  Oh, and my back it hurting a lot, too.  Just really achy.  I think I need someone to give it a good crack/adjustment. 

Food Cravings/Aversions: Nothing specific.  Still adoring my desserts.  Last night, I set aside some time for making Halloween sugar cookies with the kids.  Really, they're for the kids.  o.O

I'm looking forward to:  being able to put my cute shoes on again.  I've been limited to my Stegmann clogs these days (not that I'm really complaining since they are the most comfortable shoes ever).  I'm having great difficulty putting anything on other than slip-on shoes.  It's beginning to get relatively cold here so my sandals are out of the selection cycle.  I even have a tough time getting my Uggs on!!!  My feet, I guess, have swelled a bit, so my Danskos are not my favorite right now.  All in good time.  All in good time.


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