Monday, April 28, 2014

Challenge accepted... Surrogate Side

I let my agency know that I have agreed to a sibling journey with K&J.  That very same afternoon, I received a reply welcoming me back and a whole boatload of paperwork to complete.  You would think that it would be simple to return given that I am keeping the same "intended parents".  My insurance is the same, my couple is the same, my doctors are the same.  Everything is the same.  But, no.  Nothing is ever simple when it comes to surrogacy!  LOL!

Not that I mind, of course.  I really do love all things surrogacy.  I like the "busy" work, I guess you could say.  I have printed out all of the necessary paperwork and have completed everything.  It asked questions about whether I'd be open to work with different types of couples or a single parent... I answered with, "I'm only working with K&J for a sibling journey".  I'm not in this return journey for anyone else.  Just K&J.

I brought the documents home that my hubby needed to sign and he signed them with no questions asked...  o_O  (I guess that's a good thing?)  I did put those little "sign here" flags wherever I needed him to sign the first time this time around.  I thought about just putting them in random places, too, but decided against it.  I didn't want to give him any ammunition...  (wink, wink)

I have requested a copy of my Explanation of Benefits from my insurance agency and dropped off my OB Clearance Form on Friday afternoon.  I submitted all of my completed/signed paperwork to my agency and was told that they are setting up my file.  I cannot believe I am doing all of this AGAIN!  Eeekk!   

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