Monday, April 7, 2014

Sibling for Charlie?... Surrogate Side

After receiving that email from K&J asking if I would carry a sibling for Charlie, I did a lot of thinking.  I weighed the pros (there were a ton) and cons (there weren't many).  I talked about it more with the hubs.  I thought about talking with my little ones about it, but decided against it as I didn't want them to become confused if we didn't go through with it or if it didn't work this next time.  My family is still greatly supportive and that's just awesome. 

After all that talking, I looked at myself in the mirror.  I looked at my body and appreciated all that it has done for me, my family and K&J's family.  It may not look as it did before I birthed 3 children, but it doesn't look too, too bad...  At that moment, I promised to take better care of it from here on out.  I promised to eat healthier (not that I eat bad, but I slip at times) and start working out regularly.  My body has given me so much; it deserves a little bit of love.

Well, those promises had to wait until AFTER our little get-away to Nashville 
because we ate and drank a good amount.  I may have contributed to 
a few more pounds last week.  The food was absolutely incredible...  YUM!

As I begin my voyage of saying "thanks" to my body now that we are back from the mecca of "all things scrumptious in southern hospitality", I take this time to ask my body one more favor; allow me the opportunity to carry a sibling for Charlie.

Process for baby #2 will commence this Fall!  YAY!

Hey girl, You just gave birth yesterday, but if you’re ready to start that sibling project like your IPs want, I’m totally on board. 
Umm, okay! (Not exactly how it went, but...)