Friday, April 19, 2013

A second opinion... Intended Parent Side

After our first round of IVF with our carrier failed we decided we really needed to consider getting a second opinion. We had been with this particular clinic in Boston for a total of 6 cycles and at this point we felt like were just hitting our heads against the wall. When we asked them about next steps for our second carrier cycle we had some apprehension and didn’t feel they were really looking at the full picture or listening to our concerns and medical history enough.  Also change can be good and we decided to make a move.  So I quickly started looking at physicians that were well known in both the area of IVF and surrogacy. I searched as many clinics as I could but I kept going back to 1 physician in particular who was known for dealing with difficult cases and for second opinions. I set up a medical call with him for the first week in January, and we were quickly impressed with his medical opinion as well as his care. He felt we could hopefully make the next cycle successful but we needed to make some drastic changes to my medications and protocol. I would change from a long Lupron cycle to an antagonist cycle and I would be on the highest dose of medications I have ever been (Gonal F 600 or more IU DAILY and a few others). I would start my medications in my new home and after I had been on everything for about 5-6 days I would fly out to Boston to begin  monitoring and my hubby would join me a few days later, since we wouldn’t know when the retrieval would be till the last minute. After we agreed to work with this new clinic in Boston, we went on to the INSANE wait period. We had to transfer all of our medical records from 1 facility to another, and you would have thought we were trying to do the impossible. This took over a month to do, things kept getting lost, medical staff were very busy, fax numbers were incorrect, and some records were incomplete. At this time we were assured again that we had been blessed with the perfect carrier because between the two of us, and Circle we were working around the clock to try to get everything organized, time was ticking!  The bad part was that none of us are particularly patient people and this caused a lot of frustration, but we made it through. This was a lot of work for everything, especially for our carrier and her hubby who had to basically start from scratch, but we really felt this was for the best.  

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