Thursday, April 18, 2013

Our first "date"... Surrogate Side

Although we had not "met" in person yet, we were in touch on a regular basis to coordinate a date for our Medical Screening, which was also our first meeting face to face.  Due to everybody's life dynamic and work schedules, this was not an easy feat.  My husband was probably the most difficult to accommodate due to his line of work, so that made me feel bad.  (I even asked if I could leave him at home because I just really wanted to get on with this!  Lol!)  We were finally able to establish a date that worked for all of us - a day after we returned from our vacation in early November!  

My husband and I eagerly made the trip to the fertility clinic to have our remaining medical screening completed and to meet our IPs!  Our first stop was to have blood drawn (my husband doesn't tolerate needles very well) and then we met with the nurses and doctor to have my hysteroscopy performed.  My husband had to leave the room during that as he was already becoming "faint" from having his blood drawn and the short time he was watching the procedure -- which is very much like a gynecological exam.  He, obviously, is a softy.  From there we met with the nurse to review the medication procedure for the upcoming IVF cycle.  Again, my husband had to leave the room as he was now beginning to turn ghost white and feeling queasy just from TALKING about the meds procedure - no needles were out at this point! ;) I met up with him again after I was done and we walked into the waiting room together to wait for our social work screening.

When the social worker was ready for us, she retrieved us from the waiting room.  When we were in the hallway, she asked us why we weren't talking with our IPs.  I was like, "What?? They were in there?  I didn't even see them!!"  My husband then spoke up and said, "I thought that was them."  I looked at him and said, "You knew they were in there and you didn't tell me??"  His response was, "I wasn't sure it was them."  I felt SO bad.

When our social work session ended, we were joined by our IPs for a joint social work session.  (We finally met in person!!! WooHoo!)  I immediately apologized for not seeing them in the waiting room - I didn't want them to think we were rude.  How crazy is that?  We must have seemed like jerks.

Our joint social work session went well (apart from the fact that the social worker was just a bit, let's see, "intense") and we all were able to fine tune some future details.  And from there, we wait until our next big step in the process -- the start of the IVF cycle!

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