Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Getting matched... Surrogate Side

Circle really listened to what I wanted from this journey and for whom I wanted to become a surrogate.  They worked their magic and sent a potential Intended Parent profile for review in late September.  Within minutes, I knew they were the ONE.  I shared the profile with my husband and he agreed.  THIS family was THE family for us.

We set up a time to "meet" over the phone and my first impressions were solidified.  They are amazing.  Their story encompassed everything I was looking for - a family who had been trying to conceive without success for quite some time.  I could sense their love for one another and their overwhelming desire to complete their family.  They were so thoughtful and wanted me and my husband to know that my health and safety was their first priority.  Wow, they rock!

After connecting back with the agency, we were considered "officially matched". WooHOO!  We both agreed that this was a good fit and were eager to get the party started.  It was a bit awkward in the beginning to establish a relationship with them -- what do I do?  do I call them?  email them?  text them?  what do I say? -- but knowing that we both wanted the same thing made it less weird. The bullet was bit and regular contact was made.  They turned out to be a fun, loving and hilarious couple.  I am so lucky to have been matched with them. 

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