Thursday, April 18, 2013

Our first "date"... Intended Parent Side

Shortly after we decided to go ahead with surrogacy we decided that my husband was going to make a rather large career change. He accepted a job out of state and we were moving to the Midwest (Sadly many of the states in the Midwest aren’t known to be surrogacy friendly but that’s a LONG story for another day). We were sad to leave our beloved Boston but felt we had to embark on a new opportunity. We were told by our IVF Clinic at the time that we would all need to meet in person and our carrier and her hubby would have to complete a few more tests and we would as well. In addition we would need to have a separate and joint social work meeting. We left the evening before, but due to weather we were really afraid we were going to miss the last flight going into Boston that evening, and because we had an early meeting the following morning we thought we would miss our appointments. Long story short, my husband ran through the airport as fast as he could to our connecting flight and begged the airline to hold the flight for me, and much to our surprise they did and I shortly joined him after, I’m a little slower on the running! 

We started our appointments early the next morning and I think we were both a little nervous yet excited. While we were sitting in the waiting area I thought I saw our carrier’s hubby, but wasn’t 100%. I think I was staring a little too long, so my husband poked me to stop. I didn’t want to be rude if it was him, but I still wasn’t sure. We shortly met the social worker and our carrier and her hubby a few minutes later and I felt terrible as well, since he was sitting only a few feet from me earlier. Everything went perfectly at our meeting and we were so happy to finally meet this AMAZING couple in person. From this point on we waited for our orders and our carrier would begin her medications for our FET cycle since we had 2 embryos frozen. 

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