Friday, April 19, 2013

Second IVF cycle... Surrogate Side

The time had come once again - I was given my instructions for meds and was directed to begin them on March 9, 2013.  It was about time!  K and I were ecstatic!  We had waited so, ahem, patiently, and couldn't be happier to be on our way to getting on the baby train.  Watch out!  The crazy surro-ladies have been let out of their cages!

This round of medications was a bit different than last time because this time we were doing a fresh embryo transfer vs. the frozen embryo transfer last time. (There are mixed reviews on which type is best, but we were very confident that this fresh cycle would be IT.)  My meds differed in that I was put on Lupron subcutaneous injections.  These injections were tiny needles that went into my "fat pouch" on my belly.  Not too bad - stung like crazy, but only for about 7 minutes after the shot.  The purpose for this medication was to suppress my ovulation.  Again, I was told there would be some side effects to this med -- hot flashes (better described by K as "warm flashes" and given my extreme dislike for being cold, I joked that I was a little excited to have them as it was still cold where I was living).  Too bad that never happened...  Another change was the switch from the intramuscular progesterone injection to Crinone, a vaginal gel.  No more backside injections!  Woot!  (Or, so I thought...  I would take the backside injections over the gel ANY DAY; for some maybe not-so-obvious wet reasons.)  All in all, I was really fortunate to not be adversely affected by all the meds.  Phew!

I continued my medications as instructed and went for my monitoring appointments until I was given the go ahead to leave for my vacation to Vegas.  While I was in Vegas, K was starting her meds and then undergoing the retrieval.  I was called on April 4th, 2013 and given my updated med instructions and told that our transfer would be on Tuesday, April 9th, 2013!

Upon my return from Vegas, I got things prepared for my transfer.  I drove down to the clinic with my full bladder and got stuck in traffic - the WORST traffic I had ever seen.  I was 14 miles away from my destination for about an hour.  K texted me and said she was in traffic and was worried that she would be late.  Uh-oh!

I arrived at the clinic with about 15 minutes to spare and K arrived right on time.  We made it!

We were brought back to prepare for the procedure and I changed into my little robe.  K had gotten us both some "Lucky Socks" and we both wore them into the procedure room.  We shall see how lucky they really were and if they worked...!

When the procedure was over, we had lunch and then I was on my merry way to rest and keep my feet up at my hotel.  Things didn't feel much different than the last time, so I was a little worried.  I put on "My Lucky Transfer Jammies" (a cute overnight gift from my IPs) and nestled in for the night.  

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