Friday, April 19, 2013

A second opinion... Surrogate Side

Given the outcome of our first transfer, my IPs were back and forth about getting a second opinion.  I expressed my understanding and told them that I was up for whatever decision they make.  I was ready to do it again.  Just let me get through my period and let's go for it!  If only it were as simple as that...

In early January 2013, my IPs decided to go for a second opinion at another large fertility clinic in the area.  They met with a renowned and highly qualified doctor and were told there is hope.  The doctor described a different protocol for K's treatment for retrieval of more eggs and of better quality.  Woot!  I am sure that was music to her ears!  The doctor also mentioned that there was the possibility that they would transfer more embryos than the last time if they aren't of "great" quality.  My IPs ran this by me and I agreed to it.  I think they were shocked that I would be up for it, but for me, I had complete trust in the doctors to know what would be appropriate and not set things up for disaster.  Also, K at that point was not producing embryos of superior quality and I understood that.  Given this hopeful expectation, they ultimately decided to go with the new clinic and new protocol.  That meant, we're starting over.  And, pretty much from scratch.

As much as we both (myself and my IPs) wanted to get started right away, we ran into quite a bit of a scramble to get our medical records transferred over - missing this and missing that - more tests for me and my husband to meet the standards of the new clinic, getting my IPs records together, K meeting with the doctor more to finalize the protocol and just overall waiting for the clinic's staff to pull everything together. K and I described ourselves as "crazy surro-ladies" and felt bad for our nursing staff from our constant calls and emails.  If it wasn't K contacting them for our next steps, it was me or Circle, our agency.  Circle really stepped up when we needed an "authoritative" edge (so helpful and always made it clear that they were there to help in any way).  Poor ladies.  Lol!  We just felt like we had to be on top of things and didn't want them to "forget" about us.  (And I am SURE they didn't.)

As K had said at one point, "we are on the fast track to baby!"

In late February 2013, we were finally told that we had everything in place and were just waiting for the doctor to review our charts, prepare a treatment plan and pull together a timeline for the cycle.  Our next cycle! WooHoo!!  All of which was arranged around a vacation of mine to Las Vegas.  We were told to expect a transfer as soon as I got back.  A little R&R in Vegas and soaking up the lucky vibes to bring them back for our big day?  Sure thing! 

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