Friday, April 19, 2013

Second IVF cycle... Intended Parents Side

We finally made it Boston to begin the final stages of our monitoring. Things were processing really well and I was creating more follicles than I had ever produced in the past. The new clinic was amazing to work with and we were happy. We ended up spending 2 weeks in Beantown and although we loved seeing family and friends the wait was sort of terrible, we wanted to get the show on the road. In addition, probably due to the high amount of stims I was on I started feeling really yucky. I never developed OHSS, but I was feeling very ‘full’ and sick by the end of the stimulation period, but totally worth it and often the way it goes.

The retrieval went really well and we waited for the transfer. We planned on doing a 3 day Assisted Hatching cycle since this had worked for us in the past and our new physician felt this was the best approach this time, based upon how good the little embryos looked that day we would transfer possibly a few embryos that day. The day of the transfer our carrier and I both hit copious amounts of traffic but we made it just in time. She quickly got dressed in her gown and robe and we both put on our ‘lucky socks’. The physician who was doing the transfer came over and told us that the embryos looked “spectacular”. I almost fell off my chair. I later asked our carrier if she thought he was reading the wrong medical file and she started laughing and said “NO”! Things went really well and we transferred 3 embryos that day.  We also had 3 more to freeze. We all felt good and had a quick lunch after and our surrogate went to her hotel room for the night to rest before her journey back home the following morning. Now on to the 2WW.

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