Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Welcome to the best agency EVER… Intended Parents' Side

Previously my husband and I looked at a few different surrogacy agencies. We asked around at the time to our current physician and also to anyone we knew that may have gone down this journey. One of the main things we were looking for was a large trustworthy agency with a good history, and a quick matching period. We narrowed it down to 2 agencies and decided to meet with Circle first, because frankly they were a block from my husband’s office at the time in the city. We met with them on June 29, 2012. We walked into the office and were surprised at how large it was. The legal floor was on a separate floor. We were quickly met by a man named Doug, who worked at Circle. We went into the “family meeting room” I believe it was called. We sat on a large couch and tried to act like this was just another typical day.

What struck us was that before we came that day, they asked us to fill out a very long application with our medical history, and background. They remembered so much of what we had written down, that was a good sign. Within a few minutes he had us laughing, he himself had used a surrogate to help him build his family and he was so happy with his experience and his beautiful sons. He asked us about our journey to date and my husband did most of the talking. We asked him many questions and he even laughed out loud a few times since some of them were probably a little crazy. Next came an attorney who went over the legal aspect of the journey, and this was the section were we had the most questions and concerns, he was great and all of our questions at that time were answered. Lastly they went over the financial aspect of the journey. All of this was a huge commitment, a possible life changing game decision. We left the meeting feeling good. They answered every question we had and now, they were allowing us to digest all of this information for a few days. A few days later we spoke with another agency, but we kept going back to Circle, we felt that they were a great agency. We told Dean and Doug that we were ‘in’ and from that point on, we went on to the plethora of legal documents, living wills, power of attorney forms, more medical testing, FDA testing, background checks, psychological tests and much, much more. It was a huge undertaking to complete all of this but we knew our future surrogate was doing this, plus then some and we were grateful already. For the first time in a while we saw a glimmer of hope. Game on.

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  1. Oh hooray! I am so thrilled to read the IP side of things too. This blog is going to be awesome in every way. All of the steps and milestones from both perspectives. Very cool!