Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Welcome to the best agency EVER... Surrogate Side

Upon the submission of my Gestational Carrier application with Circle Surrogacy, I felt good.  I felt as though I did my fair share of research.  I knew with whom I wanted to work and was ready for it to begin.  I just knew that this was right.  I found the right agency, I think, and I'm ready.  I'm ready to do this!  When will I hear back from them?  What are the next steps?  Who am I going to tell about this?  Am I really doing this?!  Yes.  I am.

About 4 hours after submitting my application, I received a response from Circle - wow!!  I was kind of shocked, but pleasantly surprised - they were ON it!!   I like this agency already!  I read the welcome email and was delighted to learn that I had met their pre-screening criteria!  I was happy to read the nice words and the overall friendliness of the coordinator, Jeni, who had been a carrier previously and offered to share her experience via her blog.  I then took a look at the attached paperwork involved - holy smokes!! Jeni made it very clear that she was there for me every step of the way.  She even included her cell phone number!!  Who does that but someone who really LOVES what she does for a living! 

I immediately checked out the paperwork and began pulling everything together.  I was so amped about getting started that I lived, breathed, dreamed everything surrogacy related for weeks!  I was in touch with Jeni often.  We laughed together about some frustrating parts of the process and never once was she annoyed with me or my plethora of questions.  Believe me, there were MANY questions to be answered, but my most asked question was probably, "what's the next step?"  To that, I would get "we wait."  Bleh!

But, things progressed relatively quickly and before I knew it, I was having my social work screening and signing my Commitment Letter.  From there I had my Psych Exam to prove I was sane and, of course, passed with flying colors. ;)


  1. Wiping away the tears remembering when you and I were a pair. :) Wish I could share on here what we used to joke about during your pre-screening process but I'll keep that our little secret. Wink, wink.

    Super excited you're blogging. Can't wait to follow along.

    1. Oh Jeni! You're making me blush... Our little secret forever. Actually thought about revealing it, but decided against it. ;)