Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Getting matched... Intended Parents' Side

We were told that our 'wait period' could be anywhere from 1-4 months. One of the social workers asked  us if that was too fast and we said "no way". On September 21, 2012 we were sent an email that said "potential surrogate for review." I couldn't believe it. I actually pulled over in a parking lot as I was driving somewhere for work to read the email on my phone and I read it cover to cover at least 2 times. She was PERFECT, and I mean better than perfect, we KNEW she was the person we wanted to work with. What stuck out most, was her love for her own family and her desire to do this for someone else, and she was doing it for all the amazing reasons you would hope for. From our perspective you are putting all of your 'trust' in a sense into someone you barely even know at that time, but from the moment we read her profile, we were thrilled. When you think about someone else doing this for a total stranger it's remarkable and selfless and we felt that we had hit the surrogacy lotto! 

Circle nailed it and we had to act fast.  We spoke on the phone with the four of us and it honestly wasn't uncomfortable. We wanted to reassure them that her health was number 1. We understood this more than most. We wanted a baby, she wanted to help. Seemed pretty simple (not really, but we can pretend). It was a match and we were really looking forward to the next steps.

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